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Welcome to BookMooch! Read this page before you mooch - it will improve your chances of a happy mooch, and decrease the chances of irritation and negative feedback.


How to list books

-Start by Listing a small number of books (10-30)' - You can list as many books as you want to give away, but starting with a small inventory will allow you to see how it goes, and not get too overwhelmed if your whole inventory gets mooched.

-Use Condition_notes. Not required, but very helpful to those mooching. List any defects about the book that might matter to a potential moocher. This will also get your book mooched faster when multiple copies are available. Things worth noting:

  • ex library
  • water/liquid damage
  • underlining
  • Like New Condition

-Write a Status Message - this is used to tell potential moochers about your international maiiing limits, deals for multiple requests, etc//!

-If you get overwhelmed with many mooches, or can't send a book within the stated time, Use the Delay Button. Moochers will understand when a person suddenly gets a large amount of book requests, and can't send them out because of finances, or time.

- In general, try and send books between 1-2 weeks of any requests.

-If you have any questions, feel free to email [1] or post on the BookMooch Forum [2]


It is considered OK to offer deals where you give back points if someone mooches several books, or if a book is in really bad condition.

It's considered abuse to ask for more points on a book. If the points-to-postage ratio is really awful, you can ask people to mooch an extra book, or reject the mooch if international postage is too high.

How to accept a mooch

Use the accept button to say that you are willing to send the book, and that you know that you have it. If you know you can't send the book right away, the delay button is your best option. Use the sent button when you have sent the book or just before you are going to send it. Whatever you do, communication is the key.

How to reject a mooch

You need to have a valid reason to reject a mooch. Valid reasons include "shipping costs are too expensive" (but if a book is too expensive to send even domestically, don't list it - requiring extra points is against the rules). "Can't find it" is not a valid excuse - if it happens once people will forgive you, several rejections like this will lead to trouble.

As this comes up every now and then, we'd like to remind you that "I don't want to send my book to this person" is not a valid reason to reject a mooch, no matter what your reasoning is. If you suspect the moocher is abusing BookMooch, delay the request and click "Report Abuse" on the moocher's member page and the Abuse team will investigate.

If cross-listing on other sites, wait a couple weeks prior to adding to additional sites. If you reject requests due to the book having been requested elsewhere more than a few times, then your account may be suspended as indicated on the rejection screen, so be sure and keep your inventory current and ready to send.

How to send books

The book sender always pays the postage costs. Feel free to send books the cheapest way possible, although if this is going to take very long it might be good to check there's no hurry. Combine multiple mooches into a single package. For packages outside the US, use the international flatrate envelope. Within the US, First Class is cheapest for sending most single paperbacks as they're under 8 ounces; past that, Media Mail is less expensive.

When you pack a book, make sure it's protected from the weather (rain damages books very easily) as well as mechanical damage, and make sure the book can't be easily separated from the address. Bubble wrap envelopes work well. Do not include any extras that are religious in nature because that is against the rules.

Don't declare too high value on the customs declaration, it may mean the receiver has to pay tax. About $2 per book is ok. If your customs form has the options, tick "gift".

Mooching Internationally

When you are mooching a book from an International BookMooch Member, There are 3 options for mooching

If the account is set to world-wide, you can mooch the book without asking, but considering asking anyways if the book appears to be large.

Members in the U.S. can only send packages air mail, and as a rule most prefer 2-3 mooches minimum.

If the Account is set to Ask First, when you request a book, an email goes to the book owner asking if they will send it. If the owner can send it, then an email gets sent to you saying "Yes! You can Mooch the book", and a link to mooch it. You still need to mooch the book! If the owner is not willing to send the book, then the request is cancelled. During this time, the book is reserved for you, and no one can mooch it.

If the account is set to "only within my country" then you cannot mooch the book.

Alternately, if the international owner isn't willing to send you the book, you can ask the book owner to hold the book until a BookMooch Angel on the BookMooch Angel Network is found.


Negative or even neutral feedback is not taken lightly here - if you're dissatisfied, first send the sender a message - they may offer to refund your point(s). After you get a reply (or after a few days) edit your feedback to reflect their response: if there's some problem, but you get your points back, please leave a positive feedback: you want to encourage people to do that.

It is generally best to contact a member with any problems prior to leaving neutral or neagtive feedback so they will have a chance to work with you to resolve your concerns.

It is not appropriate to leave poor feedback for postal/mailing issues or if a book is lost.

ALWAYS give a reason if you leave any thing other than +1 feedback.

Do your best to settle any disputes, if a member offers a point refund if the condition is much worse than expected, then change your rating in return.

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