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When do I get awarded points?

You receive points for the following:

  • Adding a book to inventory (1/10th point)
  • Giving away a book domestically (1 point)
  • Giving away a book internationally (3 points)
  • Acknowledging receiving a book you mooched (1/10th point) (1/10th point discontinued)

When do I lose points?

You spend points by:

  • Removing a book from your inventory (1/10th point)
  • Mooching a book domestically (1 point)
  • Mooching a book internationally (3 points)
  • Smooching a book moocher (1 point)
  • Giving points to charity (give)

Isn't the point system unbalanced?

Yes, extra points are added to the system. The extra points help encourage good behavior and keep the system well lubricated. This will be monitored and adjusted as needed.

Should valuable or heavy books be worth/cost more points?

This is up for debate. The simplicity of one book, one point, is favored. It's hard to say exactly when a book should qualify as "valuable" because 'one person's junk is another's treasure'. Heavy books typically do not cost twice as much to send as light books, so charging two or three points for a heavy book wouldn't be fair. International shipping does usually cost two or three times as much as domestic, so that's handled differently.

How do I give points to charity or another book moocher?

Go to Member Home, click on the Charity button and enter the person's or organization's user id, then choose how many points to give. A list of Book Mooch Charities on the charity page is also available.

How do I suggest a charity, such as a community library/project?

Go to Member Home -> Charity and click Suggest

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